Criqui Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy Rules

  1. Bow before entering and when leaving the mat space.
  2. When late enter the mat area and see the instructor first. Then acknowledge all students on the mat space with a greeting.
  3. Ask permission to leave the mat space during class, unless in an emergency situation. A drink of water is not considered an emergency.
  4. Everyone will stand while a guest instructor is teaching techniques at the school.
  5. Respect everyone in class. Be careful what you say around others. Not everyone in jiu-jitsu comes from the same background but deserves the same respect.
  6. Absolutely no leg locks until permission is granted. Leg locks will be taught for knowledge and defense purposes. Leg locks will be allowed for certain skill levels with the instructor’s permission but may only be performed on those that are also allowed to perform the techniques as well. If you do not feel comfortable rolling with leg locks let your teammates know before the roll starts.
  7. Leave your EGO at the edge of the mat, we are a team and the instructor will not tolerate any student that maliciously tries to hurt another student.
  8. NO SLAMS. Once again the goal of the academy is to learn technique not hurt each other.
  9. Pay your dues on time; you should take pride in this and helping the gym stay open. 1st -5th every month.
  10. Hygiene; wash your uniform after each class, trim your nails, and help keep the gym sanitary. Everyone should also try to shower immediately after class. I can’t express this enough. If you have any rash please do not come to class and notify the instructor so he can inform the other students. Skin issues happen in jiu-jitsu, when they do we just need to take care of them and ensure we don’t spread them around the gym.
  11. No bare feet off the mats. Bring flip flops or shoes to wear when you leave that mat space.
  12. No shoes on the mats.
  13. Change clothes in the private areas.
  14. Don’t leave personal belongings at the academy.
  15. No cell phone use during class unless it is our timer or music. Of course emergencies or extremely important calls are acceptable.
  16. Stay home if you are sick!
  17. Remember you come to class to work. Jiu-jitsu is fun but involves a lot of hard work.
  18. Be an ambassador of the academy. Present yourself with a professional and positive attitude among the public. You never know who may be interested in jiu-jitsu.
  19. Rolling should be a mutual benefit. You may be able to submit someone twenty times in a roll but that doesn’t mean you should. Work on things like escapes and sweeps when you are working with novice members. Teach them and guide them when needed. Remember we were all there at one point. Keep mindful when rolling to not smash into others. No armbar is worth injuring a teammate!! Also upper belts have the right away. If you bump them stop and move before you continue rolling. Never reject a higher rank that asks you to roll unless you are not rolling at all due to injury. Don’t ask black belts to roll let them ask you.
  20. Wear appropriate outfits for jiu-jitsu. Everyone must wear an undergarment while in gi pants. Males may where rash guards under the gi top but it is acceptable to wear nothing. If you choose to wear nothing be mindful when rolling with women and children. Women please wear rash guards or a tight fitting t-shirt. In a grappling art clothes can really shift around so let’s all wear appropriate outfits to class that will save us from baring our goods to the world

Coach’s final words

Look left and then right, everyone you see is as important as the next. Regardless of the belt rank we need everyone to be a successful team. If you have any concerns by all means talk with me or the ranking individual leading the class. My goal is to help everyone reach their goals within this art that I am so passionate about. Whether it be tournament success or just more self-confidence there is always a place for you on the Criqui BJJ Team. Thank you and welcome to the team!